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FieldTurf Australia Synthetic Tennis Courts To Prepare Future Tennis Stars

FieldTurf Australia Synthetic Tennis Courts To Prepare Future Tennis Stars


Around the world and locally, Australian tennis has left an imprint on the experiences and worldviews of millions of fans and players. With the tennis industry steadily growing, tennis stars are increasingly being looked at as central figures of Australian sport. As tennis icons progressively exert a strong influence on media and culture, their role in society becomes one of great importance. What then, does it take to a raise future tennis stars and become part of this prestigious sport?

Schools are among the earliest places where children are exposed to tennis. Gaining early ground in the sport can undoubtedly kickstart a player’s career (and the reputation of their school!) It is no surprise that Rafael Nadal started playing tennis at three, Maria Sharapova around five, and Roger Federer at eight. None of that is a coincidence – any youngster starting out early will have a competitive career advantage. Nowadays, many schools, coaches and experts opt for synthetic turf as the preferred choice for tennis courts. This is because unlike natural grass courts and clay courts, synthetic courts do not need to be replenished after seven years. Unlike hard courts, synthetic courts do not require line re-marking and painting. Synthetic courts require little maintenance and can be used in both dry & wet conditions. That’s a lot of money saved on the school budget! FieldTurf Australia provides innovative synthetic tennis court solutions to prepare future champions at schools and learning centres.

FieldTurf Australia Club 40 is an industry award-winning solution that is perfect for schools and learning centres. With an ITF-3 rating, this surface allows medium-paced play, making it an ideal surface to play on for all skill levels. FieldTurf Australia Pro Tennis is a five-star system, ensuring high-quality play performance and player safety. This is an extremely strong, long-lasting surface that is liked by players for its high comfort standards. Both Club 40 and Pro Tennis come with inlaid line systems available in white, yellow, and red while the surfaces are offered in green, olive, blue and terracotta.

FieldTurf Australia Pro Tennis installed by A1 Tennis Courts at Mornington Peninsula, VIC

All FieldTurf Australia tennis solutions come with a minimum seven-year warranty. Manufactured locally in Botany, New South Wales, our tennis solutions can be found everywhere from regional towns in Victoria to the shores of big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Investing in the right tennis court for your school or learning centre can be a tricky decision. That is why our team of experts at FieldTurf Australia is there to help you select a surface that meets the needs of your institution. Contact us at +61 2 9316 7244 or email us at info.australia@fieldturf.com to find out which solution is right for you.

FieldTurf Australia are manufacturers only, we do not quote directly for supply and install. You can however, contact us for advice and our recommendation for preferred, professional contractors to contact you for a quote.

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