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FieldTurf Australia Play-Active Systems for the Happiness and Safety of Children

FieldTurf Australia Play-Active Systems for the Happiness and Safety of Children



With Australia’s urban population soaring, turf installations in playgrounds, schools and childcare centres are increasingly in-demand. Existing centres of education are also evolving and adapting to meet rapidly growing extracurricular child-development demands. These areas act as centres of major growth in a child’s life with many children spending significant time at these medium and heavy-traffic intensity areas.

With many children often playing in these areas together and participating in extensive physical activity, the risk for injury or accident involving a child is high. In Australia, all playground surfacing elements must be tested according to AS4422: 2016. This Standard provides, among other things, a test method to measure compliance of impact attenuating materials under and around playground equipment. The major purpose of any impact absorbing surface is to prevent serious head injuries (brain damage) to children that may fall from the equipment. The measurement of impact attenuating material is done by calculating the Critical Fall Height. To ensure the children at your grass installation remain safe and your playground, school or child centre meets Australian Safety Standards, FieldTurf Australia has developed a range of systems suitable for different play equipment heights. Each FieldTurf Australia Play-Active system consists of a ProPlay pad and carefully selected Australian made synthetic grass which offers a natural look and moderate to heavy-traffic resistance.

Designed using high-quality German shock pads that meet Australia’s Critical Fall Height requirements, Play-Active systems ensure child-security by absorbing energy upon impact. The ProPlay shock pads are comfortable, meticulously designed integrations that create a strong foundation for the turf and infill. The ProPlay shock pads are made using recycled material and are extremely eco-friendly, serving as the perfect system to reduce your project’s carbon footprint. In addition, they boast excellent drainage capacity and are easy to install. The ProPlay pad itself is offered in various measurements to meet Critical Height Fall requirements specific to your turf.

FieldTurf Australia’s playground systems also come with wonderful summery aesthetics, coated in warm green colours to produce a radiant hue. Robust and firm, the systems are designed to ensure the turf is long-lasting and capable of withstanding strong weather conditions. Rendered strong by top-grade fibre inclusion, the systems are capable of handling heavy-traffic intensity. Free of harmful chemicals and lead, the systems offer UV-protection and come with a seven-year warranty.

Whether it’s a playground with swings and a merry-go-round, or a playground without equipment, FieldTurf Australia has the right solution to meet your requirements. Contact our experts at +61 2 9316 7244 or email us at info.australia@fieldturf.com to find out which solution is right for you.

FieldTurf Australia are manufacturers only, we do not quote directly for supply and install. You can however, contact us for advice and our recommendation for preferred, professional contractors to contact you for a quote.

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