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Infill Systems

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Not only does infill provide safety protection with appropriate cushioning to absorb impact, but it also sets the foundation for a field’s performance level by offering traction for players to cut, plant and release — just the same as they would on natural grass.

All FieldTurf infill materials meet or exceed the stringent requirements used in validating the safety of children’s toys and materials.


Ambient (SBR) Rubber is an environmental, cost-efficient, and durable solution that has withstood the test of time. Processed through a rubber cracker mill at ambient temperature, the result is a more jagged rubber granule than its cryogenic cousin, creating a looser infill with air pockets which can lead to infill migration.


PureFill cork infill is a natural infill that is environment friendly and non-toxic. It is a recyclable and sustainable product that is harvested from the cork oak tree every nine years, without harming the trees.

This 100% organic infill formula helps alleviate odours associated with dogs’ (and most pets’) daily business. Quantity to add to your synthetic turf depends on the size of your pet : from 15kg/sqm for a big dog to 7kg/sqm for small pets.