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Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions about synthetic turf and their answers
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+ - Does your Synthetic Turf require maintenance?

Compared to natural turf, synthetic turf requires much less maintenance.

There is no need to water or use any harsh weed chemicals & the best part is – no mowing!

Depending on the product of turf you have, the most common ways to maintain turf is to ensure any debris from trees is regularly removed. Keeping the area clean will ensure a beautiful surface for many years.

Click here to view the FieldTurf maintenance guide

+ - Can I install Synthetic Turf myself?

Yes you can install FieldTurf yourself by following our Turf Installation guide.

Click here to download the FieldTurf Installation guide.

Please note: Please be careful on where you install synthetic grass. The manufacturers Limited Warranty does not cover; Damage as a result of shrinking or melting of fibres due to reflection, sun magnification, or other sources of extreme heat.

+ - What base can the Synthetic Turf be installed on?

FieldTurf Australia manufactures turf to cover almost any surface you need! Synthetic turf can be installed over many different bases including; compacted crushed rock/road base, compacted blue metal, concrete, tiles, asphalt, rooftops, timber and many more.

+ - What is required to prepare the base if I currently have natural grass?

It is essential to lay the synthetic turf on a stable foundation. In general, it’s recommended to remove the top vegetation and 75mm of the soil to eliminate the organic layer, then replace it with 50mm of well-compacted road base material at a 98% compaction rate.

+ - Does your Synthetic Turf drain well?

Yes, we manufacture most of our products with perforation holes in our latex backing which allows water to drain through quickly.

Please ensure you check with us if the product you are buying needs perforation, as not all products are made perforated & will need to be requested on time of order.

+ - Is Synthetic Turf safe for children?

All FieldTurf Australia products are suitable for children. The fibres used are non-toxic and are lead & heavy metal free. We have sporting options for children to enjoy, as well as nice soft natural looking options for younger toddlers. It’s a nice comfortable surface for the little ones to walk & crawl around on.

+ - Is Synthetic Turf pet-friendly?

All FieldTurf Australia products are pet-friendly. The yarns used are non-toxic & are lead & heavy metal free. To control pet odour, you may wish to look at using our PetFRESH infill which is a product of an organic group of minerals that are basically hydrated calcium potassium sodium aluminosilicates in which water and urine, is held in cavities in the lattice. PetFRESH absorbs the ammonia, substantially neutralizing and reducing smells.

+ - How long does your Synthetic Turf last?

FieldTurf Australia offers product warranties from 7-10 years. Depending on your application, the life span of synthetic turf will vary according to the traffic on the area. Heavily used sporting options can last anywhere up to 10 years. Whereas lower traffic landscape areas can last up to double that amount of time.

+ - Does Synthetic Turf fade over time?

All yarns used in FieldTurf Australia products contain a high UV component. This also helps the product withstand the harsh climate we have here in Australia. Once installed, the turf will fade slightly – approximately 2-3%, then will remain the same colour.

+ - Is your factory based in Australia?

Yes, we have a physical presence in Prestons NSW and have had for many decades. Having an Australian product with an Australian Warranty is beneficial for many reasons. Make a wise decision on a slightly higher initial investment for a better quality product with a guaranteed & minimum 7 year warranty.

+ - What is the difference between directional & non-directional?

Most of our landscape products are DIRECTIONAL, which means the grain of the grass leans to 1 direction only, Landscape products are directional & are created for the best visual enjoyment.

NON-DIRECTIONAL products that are not facing in 1 directional, but rather all directions. It can be viewed as a curly type yarn. This is suitable for & used in various sports surfaces where the ball performance will be the same while played in any direction.

+ - What are the benefits of using the sand infill & why is it important?

Many products that we supply here at FieldTurf Australia must be installed with the correct requirements of sand infill.

Sand infill is installed to protect the longevity of the product and void it from unnecessary wear. It also helps support the product to stand upright.

A key point of sand infill is to help provide improved drainage. It helps to draw the water from the top surface down to the base of the product, which helps to reduce the unnecessary pooling of the water.

If the product is not sanded, it can become very flat and matted-looking which can often result in a very slippery surface when wet.

+ - Is Synthetic Turf Compliant to the Australian standard regarding fire ratings?

FieldTurf products has been tested to comply with Australian Standard ISO 9239 by NATA Accredited Laboratory. A certificate can be provided upon request.

+ - Do you sell Softfall? Or shock pads for children?

You have the option to choose between the different thicknesses of our Pro Play shock pads which are installed underneath the synthetic turf. This helps suit the various critical fall heights for the specific children’s playground. Please contact our friendly sales representative for more details.

+ - Does FieldTurf Australia install as well as supply Synthetic Turf?

As we are the manufacturers here, we don’t quote directly for supply & install. We are a supply-only company. However, if you would like a supply & install quote, please contact us & we can refer your details on to one of our preferred & professional contractors to contact you for a quote.

+ - Does Synthetic Turf heat up a lot in the sun?

Like any synthetic surface, the turf will heat up on extremely hot days. However, it’s not going to heat up where it will burn or cause damage to your bare skin. The sand infill does act as a cooling agent to the grass, which is why it’s important to use the recommended amount of sand infill as per the Manufacturers guidelines. To cool the turf down instantly, spray the area with water. The water will then work its way down into the sand infill & keep the turf cooler for longer.

+ - What widths does your rolls come in?

Majority of our rolls are made in widths of 3.72m including all landscaping products. However, some of our Cricket products are supplied in 1.86w, 2.80w and 3.72w.