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Three questions that will take your synthetic turf experience to the next level

Three questions that will take your synthetic turf experience to the next level


Choosing the right synthetic turf is one of the most crucial decisions you will make as part of your synthetic turf experience. If done right, your turf will exactly meet your needs, stay strong against wearing and save you lots of unwanted expenses in the future. Here are three questions you must ask yourself when purchasing a synthetic turf:


Question 1: What is the purpose of my synthetic turf?

Determine what you will be using the turf for. Are you looking to spend more family time relaxing in the backyard? Do you want to play with your pets? Or does your family enjoy playing soccer or basketball in the backyard?

At FieldTurf, we have the solutions for all your outdoor needs:

If you are looking for a lush, soft surface, the English Meadow synthetic turf will comfort you. You could find yourself sinking into its lush, rich grass.

When it comes to pets, the green summer-built Nomo Cool grass is a perfect long-term choice, backed by a ten-year warranty. The season-ready soft Summer Prestige grass is another favourite among pet-owners. These solutions are supplemented by PetFRESH infill which helps restrict odours emanating from a pet’s daily business.

If your family enjoys backyard sports, we have a gamut of solutions for almost every sport: Backyard Pro’s firm footing and capacity to handle intense play will keep you happy for years to come. Fancy a tennis court? The go-to option for tennis applications, Club 40 will be a perfect match.

Check out our entire range of solutions here.


Question 2: Do I understand the installation and maintenance process?

A synthetic turf without a stable foundation is like an umbrella without a shaft. It is crucial that the understructure supports the surface for continued use and safety of the people walking, running and playing on it. The correct foundation will have a precisely installed drainage system that can draw water from the top surface to the bottom.

Sand infills are added to artificial grass to reinforce the integrity of the structure, avoid wearing and enhance the turf’s longevity. Generally, the more the infill, the more the safety.

Since synthetic turfs don’t require strong chemicals or mowing, the maintenance of these surfaces is less complicated compared to natural turfs. Although it varies from turf to turf, the most common way to ensure preservation is to clean the debris from trees.


Question 3: Should I consult an expert?

As you can see, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want to do on your synthetic turf.  The clearer the instructions, the easier it will be for your supplier to offer a solution matching your needs. Whether you are unsure about the surface you need or are simply seeking clarification, the best way to ensure your synthetic turf meets your needs is to consult our team at FieldTurf Australia on 02 9316 7244 or at info.australia@fieldturf.com.