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How to transform a home with FieldTurf Australia systems in three simple steps

How to transform a home with FieldTurf Australia systems in three simple steps


Has a once-shabby house with unkempt grass and empty spaces caught your eye after it was turned into a green paradise? Are you a creative mind who takes pleasure in transforming spaces that appear abandoned and run down into areas that are naturally inviting and full of life? If your answer to these questions is yes, you are at the right place. Here are three simple steps you can you take using FieldTurf Australia synthetic grass systems to take any home to the next level:

Step 1: Uplift the front lawn

The very first thing anyone notices about a home is its front lawn or entrance (if there is no front lawn). This area is the face of a home and strongly influences the first impression anyone forms of a home. First impressions are last impressions, and so this is the most crucial piece of the transformation puzzle. Keeping aesthetics in mind, you should utilize FieldTurf solutions such as English Meadow or Summer Prestige to beautify the home and instantly see a rise in its market value and appeal in the neighbourhood. Once this is done, you have caught the interest of the community & real estate investors, and they are eager to know more.

Summer Prestige 25 at Marsden Park, NSW installed by Grass It – Surface & Construction

Step 2: Overhaul the backyard

Not everyone goes to the backyard, except that the homeowners, tenants, families, kids, and pets might go there almost daily if not weekly. The backyard experiences more activity than the front lawn, and therefore a surface that can handle moderate intensity such as FieldTurf Nomo Cool will be an ideal fit. If there are pets, add some PetFRESH infill to that keep those odours away. Occasionally, mates might have a barbeque fest while playing some cricket, football, or basketball. Get a backyard cricket pitch with Shield, a football-ready surface with Soccer MF 40, or a multi-purpose sports surface with Backyard Pro or Multi-Sport. If the space is big enough and the homeowner believes they are the undisputed Wimbledon champion on their street, it’s time to bring home the industry-award winning FieldTurf Club 40. If they fancy golf, FieldTurf Golf Elite will prepare them for their first PGA championship. Using combinations of Multi-Sport and Landscape solutions is also a good idea. Backyards experience more activity than many other areas of the household, and if done right, families and pets end up spending a lot of time in these areas. You know what they say: Happy backyard, happy family.

Golf Elite and Botanical installed at Orange, NSW installed by Iconic Outdoors


Step 3: Give the home a finishing touch

At this point, most of the hard work is done. It’s now time to spruce up the home one last time. Look for empty spaces that can do with synthetic grass. Keep an eye out for entrance and exit doors, pool surrounds, indoor gyms, rooftops, and balconies. FieldTurf solutions like Dura Turf are tightly-knit, affordable surfaces that are perfect for such locations. Even a little bit of artificial turf goes a long way.

FieldTurf Rooftop Installation in the US


Dura Turf at Sydney, NSW installed by Peter Tahhan

Do you have such a project in mind? Call our experts now or shoot us an email to get started. FieldTurf Australia are manufacturers only, we do not quote directly for supply and install. You can however, contact us for advice and our recommendation for preferred, professional contractors to contact you for a quote.

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