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$95.25 per lineal metre - ex. GST

Please note:
Our rolls are sold in 5, 10 and 20 Lineal metre lengths.
Lineal Metre = 1 metre in length x 3.72 metres wide.
Pricing is based in Lineal metres, to calculate Lineal metres please enter your measurements in the Calculator section below.
Turf Rolls Qty Price Sub-Total
5 Lineal Metres
10 Lineal Metres
20 Lineal Metres


Education & Play – Residential, Commercial, School, Council

Multi-Scape is a high intensity traffic turf with a firm hand feel. Multi-Scape is a fibrillated tape, full infill single tone turf product. Multi-Scape can be used for residential landscape use, however, the primary areas for maximum benefit remain in the high traffic and cost effective arena. Multi-Scape comes in a multitude of colour options including Green, Black, Aqua, Baby Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow.

19mm 910gms 23kgs 8Years

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Turf Rolls

10 Lineal Metres, 20 Lineal Metres, 5 Lineal Metres



Multi-scape Factsheet


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Turf Needed in SQ/M
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(Lineal Metre = 1M x 3.72M)
(Includes 7% wastage for offcuts)
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Turf pegs are available in packs of 20 OR 100